HIGH TECH - exclusively available at Geolam

Wood hybrid systems (WHS), cutting-edge technology

Designed for facades, Geolam hybrid woods are the product of a real technological revolution, combining aluminium and composite wood in one material. These new wood-textured profiles are three times lighter, four times more stable and eight times more rigid than a hollow profile made of composite wood. They are exceptionally fire-resistant and as quick to fit as an ordinary aluminium profile. Architects and contractors now have access to hybrid wood profiles which are perfectly adapted to open-work façades. They are aesthetic, durable, without any maintenance and respect the environment.

A guaranteed level of performance with a unique finish

Aluminium and premium composite wood
The very high performance level achieved by hybrid wood profiles comes from the development of triple extrusion, an exclusive and patented process. Using this process, profiles can be made with an aluminium frame and a composite wood cladding, perfectly waterproof and with extremely strong adherence to the anodised and chromed aluminium surface. This new technique, arising from research by Japanese industry, combines the intrinsic characteristics of 3 components:

  • Wood worked along the grain, for its texture, shade and the warm look it gives to the façade
  • Aluminium for its lightness, mechanical resistance and especially for its dimensional stability
  • Polymer, mixed with the wood to increase durability and make maintenance completely unnecessary

Light and high-performance profiles
The profiles have composite wood cladding of 1.4 mm nominal thickness and benefit from the rigidity of type 6063 aluminium. This gives great savings on weight, making our WHS profiles sought-after elements for the design and construction of façades.

Fast and easy setup
All aspects of cutting and fitting WHS hybrid profiles are similar to those of aluminium profiles. It is now easy to design whole units which can be put together in the workshop and fitted quickly into the façade. The result is big savings on time and labour costs.

Extreme dimensional stability
The dilatation rate for WHS profiles is the same as for aluminium, less than 1mm/m for a temperature variation of 50°C. It is four times less than for high-performance composite wood, simplifying fitting and making single profile lengths possible which were unthinkable not long ago.



Exceptional resistance to fire
Our profiles are classified M1 or M2 on request, meaning they are suitable for all types of façade.


Unlimited variety of shapes and finishes
The many possible shapes of our profiles, along with the range of colors and choice of finishing textures, mean that our WHS profiles can answer a specific request by any architect. This variety of profiles, flat or bent, available to order, is particularly appreciable and opens up formerly inaccessible areas of use to this new technology.