JIS A5741 : A strict environmental standard

Since our Geolam WPC products are made from recycled materials and are themselves recyclable, they comply with the extremely strict JIS A 5741 standard awarded by Japan’s national laboratory that classifies recycled composite woods. This certification guarantees that the product is free from toxic substances. It assesses all the components used, their quality and their performance, as well as the safety and environmental friendliness of the composite wood products.

The classification of our Geolam WPC products:

  • R90     Made from a minimum of 90% recycled material
  • W50    50% wood 
  • PP      Type of plastic: polypropylene
  • 40       40% plastic
  • EX-II   For outdoor use

Eco Mark: A valuable label

Geolam products have been awarded the prestigious Eco Mark Label by the Japanese Environmental Association. This association is a member of the Global Eco Labelling Network, which includes amongst its members the Committee of the European Union, and ECOLOGO and Green Seal in North America. This award is granted exclusively to products that display a true respect for the planet, guaranteeing amongst other things, absolutely no danger to human health whether installed inside or outside. The entire range of Geolam composite products contains no chlorine, CFC’s, PVC’s, formaldehyde glues or solvents.

Footprint: An outstanding CO2 balance

The issue of durability and of reduced carbon footprint is becoming increasingly important in the Construction sector. An ecological building contributes to human health, respects the planet, and increases building value. The Japanese Wood Plastic Industry Committee completed these tests in February 2008. They showed that the manufacturing of Geolam composite woods has a smaller ecologic footprint than do tropical woods and all other composite woods. Thanks to the exclusive use of recycled softwoods and of recycled polypropylene, the technology used allows for the reduction of CO2 during the production by 53.6% compared to conventional products. In addition, because Geolam is manufactured with recycled materials, our products themselves are 100% recyclable, a perfect example of ecological stewardship.


Important fire control certificates for Geolam’s Wood Hybrid Systems 

The tests were carried out in France.
Results obtained: Fire control category France (NF P92-507): M1or M2 or M3.
This is the equivalent of:

  • Fire control category Germany (DIN 4102-1): A2-B1
  • Fire control category EU (EN1350-1-1): A2-C