Façade & terraces built with Geolam profiles exhibits the qualities of natural wood, but it does not have its fragility.

Natural esthetics
Never before have WPC applications looked so modern, natural and wood-like. Geolam profiles present a thoroughly convincing premium surface structure reminiscent of tropical hardwoods and whose texture is similar to renowned timbers.
Thanks to the combination of wood plastic composite with aluminum, Geolam’s wood hybrid systems maintain their carbon footprint to a minimum. The material used for the outside layer is fully compliant with the most demanding ecological standards. The aluminum core is composed solely of recycled raw material and maintains at the same time an identical quality level.
Fabrication without toxic componants
The secret of an egological production without any toxic content lies in Geolam's methods of sorting and preparing the constituent materials, their complete desiccation, and the even and non-toxic blending of wood with polypropylene before the extrusion.
100% recyclable
Manufacturing off-cuts are pulverized and reused. Only recycled pinewood and plastic are used. Absolutely no pollution is caused during the manufacturing process. Even after decades being exposed to the elements, the decking can easily be recycled.

Rot proof and durable, no treatment required
Geolam is untreated, and naturally resistant to insect damage, fungi, rot, water, frost and snow. The planks do not require further treatment, such as brushing, painting or impregnation.

UV & saltwater resistent 
Fully absorbed in the material itself, the shade will not turn grey even when exposed to ultra-violet rays and saltwater. Not only will the color do not fade, but the mat finish will still be there years later. 

Tough and resistant
The outcome of many years of research, Geolam® is a wood composite born of leading-edge technology. It does not split, shrink, or warp, and has a life expectancy of several decades. The profile’s durability, high stability and light weight ensure they can meet any requirement in any climate anywhere in the world.

Anti-slip qualities
  Our profiles are clearly less slippery than other composite
  products on the market.

Security: without splinters and screw heads
Geolam planking provides a surface that feels good to live with, but which also creates a safe environment for children, and all barefoot activities. No more worries about protruding screw heads.

Hidden fasteners
An exclusive and patented clip system enables hidden, flexible and fast installation for planks. This means that each individual plank can be dismantled if required.

Rapid and easy installation
The clip system, perfectly dimensioned planks, and fascia boards facilitate installation and reduce laying times. Standard tools are all that are required for installation. Cutting edges are always straight and true.

Easy & economic cleaning
Soap, water and a high-pressure cleaner are planks sufficient for maintaining Geolam®. Any additional chemicals are not required.

Idustrial product
The guaranteed knotless planks can be made to measure lengths and have a more uniform appearance than natural wood.

Worked like wood
Le composit wood of Geolam looks like wood and worked like wood. A quick rub with sandpaper is all that is required to restore the original surface quality.