Our universal fastener, Cliplam, enhances the value of all of our installations. It is hidden to provide a cleaner surface appearance and adds to the safety and security of each installation by virtue of its perfect fit and hold with our boards. it is corrosion resistant and thanks to its ease of installation provides the most economical fastening whether boards are horizontally or vertically oriented.

The clip is constituted of a core of hardened galvanized steel covered with recycled polycarbonate. Its side flanges marry with the grooves on the side of each board allowing for expansion and contraction of the board during changes of temperature. The clip is installed from the top permitting easy access and fastening of each board to its supporting members.

The Universal clip is true to its name. Although designed and built for composite boards, it is equally suitable for boards of other materials such as softwood, exotic woods, bamboo, or polymers. It can be used in board widths ranging from 20 cm to 45 cm and will fit side grooves ranging from 4 mm to 6 mm.

Universal Clip

4 mm
black or transparent 

Universal Clip

black or transparent 

Vertigo Clip

conecting & end clip 

Borda End Clip

starting and finishing clip