Wooden decking, pool decking, exterior decoration

Wood cladding is a popular way of providing an attractive finish for any outdoor construction or building: Geolam® cladding products offer the quality, feel and characteristics of wood, but they are more durable, and their manufacture and use are environmentally friendly.


1. Suitable for all-weather constructions, even though untreated

Geolam® cladding needs no treatment, and is the ideal alternative to using wood. Unlike wood Geolam® does not fade or turn grey.

2. No more splinters

Geolam® does not splinter, warp or fissure. The sawn profile have perfectly true edges.

Bardage bois - détail Facade

3. Consistent quality

Our cladding planks are of highest quality throughout their entire length. Our unique and patented production process allows close monitoring of every phase of manufacture.

4. Easy clean

Geolam® can be cleaned with soapy water or simply with a high pressure hose. Unlike traditional wood, its surface remains integral, and does not shed fibres or splinters. Longevity for your siding is therefore guaranteed.

5. Standard tools

Installing Geolam® is a fast and easy task and does not require any special equipment. Sawing, drilling, screwing and equalising: all these operations can be easily accomplished with standard tools.